PRACTICAL STRATEGIES based on the experiences and insights of housing providers and residents as they planned and adopted smoke-free policies.

The purpose of the Building Success website is to support efforts to implement smoke-free policies. The Building Success research team conducted three studies that examined the opinions and experiences of early adopters of smoke-free housing policies, and identified key approaches that supported implementation efforts. This website provides information on how to implement a smoke-free housing policy. It identifies common barriers and strategies to overcome them and documents step-by-step strategies to support policy implementation. Adopting a smoke-free policy can be difficult at times but it’s helpful to remember that the end goal is to protect the health of everyone in the community. Check out ‘How to go Smoke-free’ to get started.

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Building Success’ research results were presented in webinars that took place on February 14 and 20, 2018. More than 400 people from nearly all 50 states participated. The Q&A periods from both presentations are available for viewing.
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Download the Building Success toolkit and information sheets.