Resident information sheet

Provide residents with information that helps them to understand and adhere to the policy.

Understanding the smoke-free policy

Smoke-free policies protect the health of residents and staff by preventing secondhand smoke in their homes. Smoke-free policies do not require smokers to stop smoking, but it limits where they are allowed to do so.

The policy does not allow any smoking:

  • Inside the building
  • Inside individual units
  • On balconies or patios
  • Within 25 feet of the building
  • Other (depending on specific policy)

This includes:

  • Cigarettes
  • Cigars
  • Pipes (includes water pipes also known as hookahs)
  • Any lighted smoking equipment, including tobacco, marijuana, or other combustible products
  • Other (depending on specific policy)

Smoking is allowed:

  • More than 25 feet from buildings
  • Other (depending on specific policy)

Everyone in or near the building must follow the policy, including:

  • Residents
  • Staff
  • Guests
  • External contractors and vendors

Residents are responsible for their guests or external contractors’ adherence to the policy.

If someone smokes…

Someone who smokes where smoking is prohibited is violating the policy. Evidence of the violation is required for enforcement to take place. Violations result in a formal enforcement process, and housing staff will take these steps:

  • Verbal warning:  An informal warning may be provided, but this is optional.
  • First violation: A formal, written warning, signed by staff and the resident, becomes part of the resident’s file.
  • Next violation: A second formal, written warning, signed by staff and the resident, becomes part of the resident’s file.
  • Referral for legal action: After a specified number of violations, the legal eviction process will begin.

Housing staff conduct smoke-free policy violation checks when performing maintenance or repairs.

To report a violation

Let residents know how they can report a violation.

Housing staff are responsible for investigating all reports of suspected violations.

  • A report does not result in a violation unless housing staff have adequate evidence.
  • If a violation has occurred, the established enforcement process will be followed.

Provide residents with contact information in case they have questions or concerns about the smoke-free policy.

Download and customize a Smoke-free housing policy information sheet.