Smoke-fee policy implementation involves ACTION.

Create an Action Plan

Now that you’ve reviewed the Building Success resources you are ready to create your Action Plan.

The Planning Guide provides you with assistance in getting the smoke-free policy in place.  The Planning Guide is divided into 3 sections:

  • The 1st page provides an overview of how to use all the materials in combination.
  • The 2nd section is called ‘Key Tips’. Here we suggest you first consider Action Steps you can take in support of Resident Engagement as well as 5 other key strategies (such as staff training and community partnerships).
    • The Action Steps that we have highlighted in the Key Tips section reflect what we have learned from other properties that have already gone smoke-free. These are the top suggestions of things to do.
  • The last section of the Planning Guide contains additional Action Steps that you can take in support of the 6 implementation strategies.

The Action Plan helps you to set a plan for action. Use the Action Plan in combination with this website and the Planning Guide. Here’s how to create your Action Plan:

  • Start by reviewing the strategies highlighted in the Key Tips section of the Planning Guide.
    • Identify a few Action Steps that you think you can take in the next few weeks in support of the smoke-free policy.
  • Write the Action Steps you select down on your Action Plan
    • Note the date added, identify the people who need to be involved, and set a target date for completion
  • When you accomplish an Action Step, note the IMPACT on your Action Plan
    • How did it go?
    • Did it work?
    • Is there room for improvement?
  • Record any possible barriers you anticipate and try to identify ways you may be able to overcome them.
  • Review your Action Plan regularly, make modifications as necessary and add NEW Action Steps. There are additional suggestions highlighted by strategy throughout the Planning Guide. You can decide if you want to add more or less from each strategy and the timing for completion (earlier or later) that works best for your property.
  • Continue to review your plan and add/modify Action Steps as needed

Next, go to MAINTENANCE to learn how to continue to support smoke-free policy implementation efforts even after the policy is in place.

Building Success Toolkit

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