Smoke-free policy implementation involves PREPARATION.

  • The process starts with good planning, including decisions about:
    • What is the best plan for my community? How do we communicate the reason for the policy and get everyone on board? How can we help smokers adhere to the policy? What resources do we need? What will we do if things aren’t going according to plan?
  • Seek input from residents, staff, and community members
    • What’s the feeling among residents about the policy? Do they support it?
    • Is there anything about the property or the residents that will make it harder or easier for the policy to succeed?
    • What do you think it will take to make the policy successful?
  • Host public meetings and ensure that non-smokers and smokers get a chance to share their views.
  • It is crucial that you provide information about why the policy is going into effect. Providing education about the dangers of secondhand smoke helps residents understand that this is not a punitive policy, but one that can improve the health of all residents.
  • Make a date for going smoke free OR for adopting new strategies (if already smoke-free).

PREPARE for smoke-free policy implementation by reviewing our resource materials:

Building Success website

This website was created from research conducted with Property Managers across the country. It is a comprehensive resource to help Property Managers like yourself adopt a smoke-free policy.

We have identified six strategies that are key to successful implementation of smoke-free housing policies:

For each of these strategies, we provide:

  • Quotes and insights from residents and staff
  • Data from our research
  • Practical ideas and suggestions
  • Links to useful resources
  • Downloadable information to save or share

Use the Building Success website and Implementation Guide to learn more about these strategies and how they can help with policy adoption.

Implementation Guide

This resource provides guidance to properties that are adopting a smoke-free housing policy. The Implementation Guide contains:
  • Lessons endorsed from surveys and key informant interviews in the Building Success study
  • Key information about the 6 implementation strategies (resident engagement, staff training, community partnerships, supporting smoking cessation, helping smokers adhere, and effective enforcement)
  • Potential Action Steps to consider adding to your smoke-free policy adoption Action Plan

Action Plan

  • The Action Plan helps you set a plan for action. Use the Action Plan document in combination with this website and the Implementation Guide to lay out a smoke-free policy implementation plan.
  • Consider potential Action Steps from the Implementation Guide to add to your Action Plan to create a roadmap to successful policy adoption. 

Quit Smoking Resources Guide

  • The purpose of the Quit Smoking Resources Guide is to provide you and residents with information about the types of quit smoking resources that are available.
  • You can tailor this guide further by adding resources that are specific to your community and property.
  • You can post this resource in the community and provide it to residents who are ready to quit smoking.
  • The smoke-free policy means no smoking, not no smokers. However, a smoke-free policy might provide motivation for some people to try to quit.

Secondhand Smoke Monitor Tipsheet

Consider using a secondhand smoke monitor to measure secondhand smoke by detecting ‘fine particles’ in the air.  We provide an example Secondhand Smoke Monitor Tipsheet that you could use for educational purposes at your property. Developing guidance like this Tipsheet ensures that all staff know how to operate the monitor and interpret the measurements. Compare low-cost options via online vendors to find something that works for you.

Next, go to ACTION and follow the guidelines to put your Action Plan together.

Building Success Toolkit

Download Building Success toolkit:

Implementation Guide

Action Plan

Quit Smoking Resource Guide

Secondhand smoke monitor tipsheet

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